Hazy Hollow Farm

Welcome to Hazy Hollow Farm

Hazy Hollow Farm was purchased in 2012 with the hopes of making it a working cattle farm. It is located in Head Waters, which is situated in the mountains of Highland County, Virginia. Casey has farmed throughout his whole life, operating a commercial cow/calf herd. In 2019 Casey and his wife, Aaron, started to develop a registered Angus herd. They started with a purchase of 5 angus bred females, and it has increased into a herd of 26 registered females in one year. The complete commercial and registered cattle operation consists of approximately 130 mature cows. In addition, they are working to raise high quality replacement heifers and bulls to meet the needs of purebred and commercial beef cattle producers. They incorporate AI and ET techniques to build a strong base of Angus genetics into their herd. They offer private treaty sales throughout the year and have a goal of hosting production sales. They are also working towards marketing the sale of packaged naturally raised beef from their farm. Hazy Hollow Farm also operates a hay making operation, which consists of approximately 500 acres. If you are interested in seeing the farm or would like information on cattle purchases, please feel free to contact Hazy Hollow. Thanks for your interest and support.

Heifers Snow Traugh